Welcome to Syria

The number of people visiting Syria during vacation time is increasing every year. Syria is quickly becoming o­ne of the hottest spots for international tourism because of its long history, educational and entertaining tours, fine dining and shopping, and beautiful scenery.

Over 400 luxury hotels are located within the country, most of which are in the commercial center found in Damascus. Coastal regions are dotted with fine hotels, wonderful shopping venues, and beautiful beaches o­n the Mediterranean. All visitors to Syria will be able to find some type of new food that they will enjoy. Syrian cuisine is varied and delicious and American and European foods are available at most hotels and restaurants in the major cities. Visitors will be happy to know that drinking water throughout Syria is natural and safe as it arrives from springs located high in the mountains.

Museums and historic places are located throughout the entire countryside. Syria is an important place for many religions and has witnessed a vast amount of history. Any trip to Syria will provide the visitor with dramatic new insights to some of mankind’s earliest activities.

Syria’s climate consists of four different seasons and offers tourists with beautiful blue skies throughout most of the year. During the Fall and Spring seasons temperatures average around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. During the summer months it rises to about 30 degrees Celsius and drops to around 10 degrees during winter months.

Shoppers will be excited to visit the vast amount of local shops that sell unique and distinct products. Some of the popular items include silk, hand-engraved silver and brass, hand-printed cloths and garments, hand-woven rugs made of pure Syrian wool, and many other local items that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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