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The Boy’s Tower, locally known as Burj Al-Sabi, lies on a hill next to the coastal highway from Baniyas to Tartus in Syria.

The Boy’s Tower was probably built in the late 12th or early 13th century as a 3-storey rectangular keep out of basalt masonry. It served as a watchtower and was part of the outer defenses of nearby Margat Castle, higher up the hills, and had to protect the little port of Margat and control the coastal road to Tartus.

Originally there would have been a wall, going from Margat Castle, past the Boy’s Tower, to the seafront. In a document from 1233 it is mentioned that there was a gate in this wall, near the Boy’s Tower, were travellers could pass and tolls were collected from passing merchants. Templars could pass this gate freely.

Legend has it that a tunnel once connected the tower to Margat Castle, which would thus have been used to supply its occupants in the case of an attack.

Well, visited isn’t exactly true. I wish I had though but I passed it while travelling on the coastal road beneath it. Well, hopefully a next time. So, I don’t know if it can be visited. When I came by it looked as if there were restoration works taking place.