Governorates & Districts

Syria has fourteen governorates, or muhafazat (singular: muhafazah). The governorates are

divided into sixty districts, or manatiq (sing. mintaqah), which are further divided into subdistricts,or nawahi (sing. nahia).

 A governor, whose appointment is proposed by the minister of the interior, approved by the cabinet, and announced by executive decree,

heads each governorate. The governor is assisted by an elected provincial council.

Major cities

Damascus – Aleppo – Latakia – Homs – Hama.

 Minor cities

Al-Hasakah – Deir ez-Zor – Ar-Raqqah – Idlib – Daraa -As-Suwayda – Tartus – Damascus Countryside – Al-Quneitra.


Al Qamishli- Ar-Rastan – Masyaf – Safita – Jableh – Ath-Thawrah – Duma – Baniyas – An-Nabk- Qusair – Maaloula – Zabadani – Bosra – Jaramana – At-Tall.